The Act Concerning the Establishment of the Ministries of the State 2010 was passed on 10 June 2010 by the Revolutionary Council by a majority vote. The Act became effective immediately.

Article 1.Edit

The Ministries of the Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus are tasked with executive powers for their respective department. The Ministers of the State comprise the cabinet of the Chairman and of the Central Committee and its office, along with other appointed advisors. The Ministries of the State are as follows, with their respective duties:

Article 2 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Edit

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is tasked with the diplomatic mission and integrity of the foreign image and power of the Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus. Diplomatic Missions and Diplomatic Officers are appointed by the Chairman, with the approval of the Central Committee.

Article 3 - The Ministry of the Economy.Edit

The Ministry of the Economy is tasked with the minting and printing of currency, with the collection of taxes and of state revenue and with the holding of all State money and assets. It is tasked with the economic welfare of the State.

Article 4 - The Ministry of Defense.Edit

The Ministry of Defense is tasked with the governance of the People’s Defense Forces of Sandus, which are comprised of the Land Component, the Air Component and the Naval Component. The Democratic Guards are members of the Ministry of Defense, but are under the sole authority of the Central Committee, the Political Bureau of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus and the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council. The authority of the Democratic Guard may be replaced under the Central Committee’s prerogative to a position of this Ministry or of the CCPS or an independent authority – submissive to the Central Committee and Political Bureau of the CCPS.

Article 5 - The Ministry of Justice.Edit

The Ministry of Justice is tasked with the legal advice to citizens, the protection of the accused, with the investigation of the accused, and with the security of the state.

Article 6 - The Ministry of People’s Welfare.Edit

The Ministry of Life is tasked with the care of the people of the nation. The Ministry shall provide housing, the quality of living, food, assistance, education, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, and employment, as long as such freedoms and privileges of the state do not infringe upon the collective security of the People or of the State.

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