The Act Concerning Civil Unions of the State 2010 was passed on 10 June 2010 by the Revolutionary Council by a majority vote. The Act became effective immediately.

Article 1.Edit

Within the Democratic People's Republic, a person may intervene on the physical, mental and economic health of an individual, should such an individual consent to the union of such individuals.

Article 2.Edit

Within the Democratic People's Republic, the Central People's Government shall make no hindrance to the cultural or religious ceremony concerned with such unions.

Article 3.Edit

Neither the Central People's Government, nor any legal, political or religious institution - State or otherwise - shall seek to hinder such unions on the grounds of the sexuality, ethnicity, culture, language, gender, race or other potential forms of discrimination.

Article 4.Edit

When one individual of such a union can not take care of their health, the caretakers of such an individual shall request the partner to interpret the wishes of the individual in concern in regards to their immediate health.

Article 5.Edit

An office in the Ministry of People's Welfare shall interpret, recognize and authorize the civil union of the Democratic People's Republic.

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