The people of the Alescetan barony, in order to belong with the Unironic Empire, ensures equality, liberty and justice in the entire government.


Article I Edit

The name of this land should be the Grand Barony of Alesceta and the form of government should be an elective barony, soon to become Duchy. The power should be inherited both by the people and the territorial government. The people and the government hereby enshrined "The Unity of the Alescetan Lordship and Peace" as our philosophical doctrine.

The state should be an associated territory and entitiy of the Unironic Empire, with the current Unironian king, William the First as the head of state in Alesceta. He shalt be represented in this land by the Chancellor, who shall exercise the powers on the King/Queen in Alesceta on his or her behalf. 

Article 2 Edit

English and Esperanto shall serve as the official languages of Alesceta and be served as the primary lanuguages for communication with the government, education or advertising. Alescetan/Awa'leeche should be the second official language for education, advertising, and cultural affairs. Cherokee should serve as a cultural language due to the prescence of Cherokee in this land. Recognized minority langauges including Talossan, Semul, Choctaw, Muskogee, German, Italian, Dutch & Spanish.

Article 3 Edit

Freedom of religion is a right to all citizens and not a privilege. The major religions recognised are Roman Catholicism, Yatåglha Church, Lutheran, Angilcan, Unironic Reformed Church, Presbyterian Church in Unironia & Amish/Quaker faith. Minortiy religions recognized including Judiasm, Templar Church & Native American spritiualism. Agnosticism and Atheism is also recognised as non-theistic beleifs.

Article 4 Edit

Freedom of the press and freedom from censorship is guaranteed as well with the freedom of speech (the exception is hate speech).

Article 5 Edit

Freedom of health care, with some supervision by the Unironian government, is guranteed to all citizens. The right to food and water is also guaranteed.

Article 6 Edit

Freedom of education and institutions supporting education including boarding schools, homeschool, state-run public schools. independent schools, colleges and universities. The ages required for public or boarding school attendance will be from 7-17 years and the normal ages for graduation are 17-18 (a few cases, 19) and for going to college (17-18, 19 in some cases).

Article 7 Edit

The age of majority or signing legal contracts and being fianacially responsbile on their own without parental support or consent, which means that he is an "legally contracted adult" , is 18. The age of driving a car or getting a licsense is 17 although 16 in a few areas. The ages for smoking or gambling is 20 and for drinking it is 21.

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